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Why Choose AJ Chem-Dry in Greensboro NC?

At AJ Chem-Dry we set a goal to successfully discuss why AJ Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is better than the other carpet cleaners in Greensboro. Carpet cleaning with AJ will elevate your life in a range of ways, such as a sensation of comfort from exceptional service, a healthier quality of life with our natural cleaning solutions and a convenient quick service by means of our innovative cleaning equipment.

Exceptional Services Greensboro NC


Not only do our systems get the task finished, but our carpet cleaning consultants are also qualified and licensed to function and command our top notch products. When you make a request for our carpet cleaning solutions, AJ Chem-Dry will send reliable and determined specialists to your home with the mix of efficient machinery and a special technician skillset. Our cleaning experts will check over the areas of your home that require cleaning and go on to show you the process that will happen, keeping you and your family in the picture. The good thing is that AJ Chem-Dry and our group of educated specialists hold themselves to a top class level of satisfaction. That’s why we implement a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. If you’re not entirely thrilled with our services feel free to give us a call and contact the specialist who performed the cleaning to give us the chance to make things perfect.

Healthier Living Greensboro NC


Our fundamental cleaning option is green certified, keeping the home and family healthy. Furthermore our cleaning solution not use nasty cleaning chemicals, but it also battles allergens and harmful bacteria that have found their way into the carpet. It’s simple to track unhealthy bacteria and allergens into your home from day to day outside activities. That’s why Chem-Dry’s Natural cleaning solution has a focus on battling those allergens. The Natural has been verified to annihilate 98.1% of frequent household allergens and germs.


Quick and Convenient Greensboro NC


Our hot carbonation extraction process will help make it quick and convenient to obtain our carpet cleaning service, knowing that your carpet will dry in under two hours. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning takes less time because our cleaning course of action uses significantly less water than other kinds of cleaning. Our current systems will dig deep into all of the established dirt, leaving your household Drier. Cleaner. Healthier. ®

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