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 August 20, 2015


Have a Stain Free School Year by Adding Protectant to your Carpet


The fall months are fast approaching, and that means the kids are back in school and your home is probably deteriorating from the bacteria's that have been abandoned from an adventurous summer. What better time for carpet cleaning than the months of August and September? Start the school year off on the right foot by cleaning your carpets and rugs with AJ Chem-Dry. When your kids are in school just give AJ Chem-dry a call for a speedy experienced carpet cleaning that only takes 1-2 hours to dry off.

Raise the health and state of mind of your family by enabling AJ Chem-Dry to place a carpet protectant in your household. We recognize that problems happen, especially with new school year activities, so be equipped tofight back against the damages in your home by applying protectant on your carpet. Protectant is a solution we offer that will develop into an invisible shieldto secure and protect your carpet from spills. Protectant allows you more hours to clean spills before they transform into nasty stains.

There is often times some means of protectant on newly added carpet but as time goes on that protectant wears away. We realize that it’s a struggle to clean and add protectant to your carpet, but if you know that you are past due for a carpet cleaning and would also like to add protectant, AJ Chem-Dry are the carpet cleaning agents for you. Prepare for the long term and give your home a thoroughly clean new feel with carpet cleaning and protectant treatment. Ensure your carpets are risk-free by installing protectant this school year! Calm down and breathe easy, knowing that AJ Chem-Dry technicians are highly skilled and authorized to prolong the life of your carpet!



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