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Carpet Cleaning High Point, NC

 AJ Chem-Dry | High Point, NC

Chem-Dry is the world’s leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning. With more than 4,000 locations (including High Point!) in 40+ countries worldwide, it’s not surprising that Chem-Dry has been ranked #1 for more than 21 years. With our unique carbonation process to clean carpets in an eco-friendly manner, families enjoy and prefer the fresh feel AJ Chem-Dry in High Point, NC has to offer.

The summer season invites outdoor adventures and sometimes those adventures bacteria’s are brought back with you, leaving dirt and allergens in your carpet. AJ Chem-Dry in High Point, NC has you covered with the power of carbonation. Chem-Dry’s professional service will clean up the adventures left deep within your carpet keeping your household, healthy, safe and bacteria free. 

AJ Chem-Dry in High Point, NC is a must for your carpet cleaning needs because it is our mission to provide you the healthiest and most effective deep clean carpet service. At AJ Chem-Dry we do more than just skim the top of your carpets, through our Natural®, safe and non-toxic cleaning solution we use our Hot Carbonating Extraction process to remove all layers of your carpets dirt and grime. 

AJ Chem-Dry will leave you noticing a night and day difference in your carpet and upholstery. Take a sigh of relief knowing that Chem-Dry's carbonation extraction process will eliminate those allergens that cause common household allergies with a healthy and safe solution.  

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